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Seriously dude get your head out of your ass

The dawn of New Year from final 2013 High Plains Journal column

Animal Rights Whackjob quote of the day on the importance of vivisection to save human lives.

Really this is December in Nebraska?

Its a kite its a plane its George Jetson no its a pair of bald eagles looking for something dead.

Roswell horse slaughter plant set to open despite government bovine fecal matter

Animal Rights Whackjob quote of the day UMMM you are a LIAR fur is in at 30 year high in fact

Today's animal rights whackjob quote of the day on wolf hunting

Things that make you go HMMM and thank a duck hunter.

Still in Fargo where it is so cold it takes 2 tow trucks to get me in the shop.

@bretoelke is speaking right now at ND Poultry Convention in Fargo. Oh and I am ALL smiles ask him about last item

Fear mongering comes in shrimp size bites too

Here is today Animal Rights Whackjob movement, this time in the Government

The truth in animal protein production slowly but surely leaking out

Here is today's Whackjob Animal Rights quote

Loos Trails and Tales Dec 16, 2013 Chirikof Island wild cows must go says Steve Delehanty

Guess what is back in the news Wild Cows on Chirikof Island

Just another whackjob animal rights activist who says

Feeding the growing population frustrations

Troy Hadrick says on Rural Route Radio

Tyson overstepping its bounds based on emotion

Point to ponder from my hotel Williston, ND

Even the menus in DC have jargon hard to figure out...WTH is gremolata and brunoise mirepoix?

Cowboy Math

GreenHouse Gas facts

This is the ideal udder for a gilt. She is at 2 pigs 9:44 am.

Trying to decide if they are simply sunning enjoying the day or resting up for a bad one coming our way

Lake Michigan on approach to O'Hare

Flight from Omaha to Chicago today I bought Nut & Fruit Trail mix. Label list 8 countries as source of contents.

And my week concludes at Yankton DQ with Assistant Mgr Morgan Hauger DQ Relief for Ranchers. Notice back on Butterfinger blizzard too.

Don't think there should be feeling of relief when your country let's you back in ..... but there is. Great trip but ready for home.

And the blizzard treat that tops off the day. SD ranchers here is to your recovery.

Hey look every food group included in that DQ bacon cheeseburger.

DQ Relief for Ranchers #5 today Sharon Pond owner of Sisseton DQ with my 5th bacon cheeseburger of the day. Thanks for the blizzard Sharon although Butterfinger still my choice Pumpkin Pie was good. Off to Winnipeg...

DQ Relief for Ranchers stop #4 Watertown and owner Paula Maloney cooks me a bacon cheeseburger just as good as my first one. Oh wait Paula I forgot to pay I owe you $3.73. ..sorry

DQ Relief for Rancher 3rd stop in Brookings Alltech Inc. hits Grand Slam purchases 100 cheeseburgers for area AG businesses being delivered now. Watertown DQ I am on my way.

Delon Mork owner of Madison DQ is great American 2 down on DQ Relief for Ranchers...No Matt Bruner sighting....Brookings next for real.

Holy cow (pun intended) Madison SD is packed with support for DQ Relief for Ranchers.... bacon cheeseburger on order.

DQ Relief for Ranchers underway with Jeff Hilgenberg owner and Teri GM 26th Marion in Sioux Falls. Bacon Cheeseburger never tasted better. Brookings next.....

While a fresh blanket of snow on standing field of corn can be beautiful sight were I that farmer it would cause a degree of fright.

Landri J where are you?

With assistance from Eve the Superdog.

Mission complete it is such a fatherly pleasure to watch your daughters excell.

Journey back home Landri J. wanted to cling to her sister great day!!!!

Once out of the pasture it is a short 2 mile journey down the road.

My 11 year old cowgirl Lindsi Loos moving cows from pasture to cornstalks.

Beware the spooks are out early tonight in Litchfield, Nebraska

Oh yeah I see sausage gravy and biscuits in my weekend breakfast future.

Kelli Loos with pink hair preparing for tonight's PINK OUT at Ravenna Volleyball. Go Jay's....

Lindsi Loos hits it big at 2013 American Royal with Reserve Champion Spot barrow. She is in sale tomorrow if you would like to support farm youth education let me know...Great job Lindsi....

Caylie Egger is ready with Hamp barrow at American Royal 2013. Good luck...Linda calm down.

Ted Ladner wielding the stick power with his April Gelbvieh heifer at 2013 American Royal.

With all the new toys today it refreshing to know some of the "Fair stunts" we pulled as kids are still in vogue today. At American Royal 2013.

Any other homework assignments Dr Vernon? Sorry too cold to bathe for you..

Lindsi has her 2 Spot barrows ready for American Royal head to KC Thurs.

Back in my favorite destination in the nation tonight. Hunting Dakota with Roosevelt at the Rough Rider Hotel.

DFW one hop from best part of every trip...HOME

Honored to be on the wall in Kleberg Center on Texas A&M Saddle & Sirloin Club wall.

Why? Why is this posted inside the MEN's restroom at Chicken Oil in College Station?

What a crowd gathering at Reed Arena for Producers Coop annual meeting.

Now to find Dr Forrest

OMG the death and devastation to poor corn stalk...they have feelings just like cows in the 2013 SD blizzard.