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Landri J aren't you going to share with Dad?

Landri J drawing door prizes at the 2014 U.S. Custom Harvesters in Wichita.

Life of irony continues not long ago I bought this pickup and drove it to Columbus, OH today an this milestone unfolds I am headed to Columbus, OH. It is F150 for those wondering.

So sweet to be back at the real job with my honey @kelliloos. Let the calves come rolling now.

Flint is in a league all to his own when entertaining. Great to see you man and watch you work next time its RR Cowboy Way, Choteau.

Polaris just announced they are gifting June Holeman a brand new Polaris for being a great American

I never had a bigger chill as 50,000 at The American absolutely brought the house down on June Holeman run...awesome

He knows a cowboy that is about to hit the dirt... . Instead 84.5 for Jake Wright

The Belle of the Ball June Holman warming up for run in barrels. She is 70 and crowd favorite.

Pickup men are the best Cowboys

Bareback riding underway at The American

Tommy Brandt and his son awesome artist giving glory to God at Cowboy Church.

Wounded Warrior Chris Edwards talking about Faith at Cowboy Church turn on RFDTV