Friday, January 20, 2017

Farmer's Almanac with best days to wean

Well in light of a very inspiring Inaugural speech by President Donald J. Trump on Jan 20, 2017 I have bad news to share.

We wean all of our calves by the sign of the moon. We have found that if we don't wean on the proper sign they will bawl longer, run the fence longer and really cause holy hell longer.

The best wean dates for Jan 2017 do not start until Jan 22, 2017.

Given that we know 94 million American citizens have been relying on the Federal Teats and today officially wean they are going to work as hard as possible to get back to their mother. Best of luck to those in law enforcement in this country keeping the fences up to snuff.

Here is a link to the Mirror with story from photo above.

Trent Loos
Loup City, NE

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sonny Perdue to be named for Secretary of Agriculture post
On Jan 19, 2017 Sonny Perdue from Georgia was named to be the Trump Administration's Secretary of "the People's Department" - the Department of Agriculture.
On this very day in 1861, Georgia withdrew from the Union. I feel that is very symbolic of the division that currently exists in the Union. I personally feel that Mr. Sonny Perdue is the perfect person to lead our nation, particularly from a food production standpoint, toward unity.
A person that understands farming and politics yet is not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for what he believes is right is the perfect choice for this day and time.

Thank you President Trump

Trent Loos
Loup City, NE

Government versus Manufacturing Jobs

I have decided that I will log a monthly running total of the change in government employees versus people who actually produce something we need. Lets remember that 20% of the eligible work force does not work. That is the number much more important the unemployment statistic the Federal Government has provided for us.

So today the best numbers I can get have 22,235,000 Federal, State and Local employees and 12,275,000 manufacturing jobs.

Trent Loos

Monday, January 16, 2017

An open letter to President Donald Trump January 17, 2017 

Mr. Trump, please let me begin by saying how excited those of us are who proudly call Rural America home. We want to say Thank You. You stood tall for the very values and principles the founding fathers put forth in the Constitution of the United States of America. All we have ever asked for is power for “we the people” and the “pursuit of happiness” which our forefathers envisioned.

With that said, I feel I represent the lion’s share of farmers and ranchers in this great nation who ask for your deep consideration in naming your final cabinet position, that of Secretary of Agriculture.

As Abraham Lincoln stated on May 15, 1862, the USDA shall be referred to as “The People’s Department.” And for this very reason we feel very strongly that it should be run by a real person of the land – to be specific: A Farmer.

The farmers of today are survivors. They have weathered challenges not only from Mother Nature but more severely from the Federal Government. The farmer develops a plan but understands the need to adapt to any storm and figures out a solution regardless of the obstacles.

I see the political arena sharing parallels to these challenges. The Secretary of Agriculture undoubtedly will need to be someone who has experienced adversity, learned from it and become stronger and wiser in weathering political storms.

The farmer of today has learned to judiciously implement the latest and greatest in technology. No longer can we rely on back breaking work and high labor inputs. We must run an efficient operation with each person on the team pulling their full weight and balancing many roles.

I see the same requirements for the crew chief at the USDA. The USDA currently employs 105,778 people making it the largest agency in the Federal Government. That number is tremendously troubling when a report from the Farm Foundation Organization states that only 76,000 farm families produce 80% of the food in this country.

As well as knowing agriculture, the farmer of today must be well versed in health and nutrition. With millions of acres of land planted to crops of all types, they only flourish if the organic matter of the soil is at a healthy level. The farmer must feed an ideal diet to each of the 9 billion animals they produce each year in order for them to maintain high health and efficient growth in order to be competitive in the market place.

The head chef, also known as the Secretary of Agriculture, must oversee a food guide pyramid that all institutions in the United States will follow. I must say, Sir, if the farmer fed his livestock or plants like the USDA feeds our nation’s youth, seniors or military, he would be broke. The nutrition guidelines put forth do not come close to the proven scientific recommendations available for healthy living today.

The farmers of today have moved away from a reliance upon a government subsidy and more on the basic principle of supply and demand for sustainability. We have accomplished great things through our work ethic and the knowledge gleaned from the USDA-driven Land Grant institutions so that we may produce more with less.

Meanwhile, we know that 80% of the Farm Bill goes to SNAP and only 15% is actually paid to farmers in the form of a safety net for domestic food production. It would appear to me that the farmer would be the perfect person to run the USDA and implement this reduced reliance strategy for the nation as a whole. This would go a long way in decreasing the 94 million Americans that currently draw some form of government assistance.

While I could go on for quite some time with a logical list of reasons that an actual farmer should be the Secretary of Agriculture, this one statement summarizes it best.

When Abraham Lincoln created the USDA it took in excess of 5 acres of land to produce enough food to feed one person for a single year. As you begin your term in 2017, it will require less than 1/3 of an acre for the farmer to produce the same supply of food for one person for one year.

While it is widely known in Rural America that “God made a farmer” to tend to his creation, we ask and even pray that you understand the importance of that statement and give serious consideration to continuing the great thing that God started.

Trent Loos

Loup City, Nebraska
6th United States Farmer
Member Trump Agricultural Advisory Committee

I see so many saying the right things about celebrating Martin Luther King, really? I think the truth of the matter is we should have Martin Luther King shame.

The man dedicated his life to CIVIL RIGHTS FOR ALL. He was not about privilege for one over another not matter their race. I believe today he would be speaking on behalf of police officers who have been targeted. He would be speaking on behalf of the whites who are being targeted. He would speak out for the blacks being targeted by men of all colors.

He believed and gave his life because he thought it was worth fighting for not sitting back and playing with the hand he was dealt. Quit giving lip service to equal treatment of all human beings, roll up your sleeves and get to work in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.

Trent Loos

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

 Method or simply just madness in Obama commuted sentences?

As President Barack Obama has now commuted the sentences for convicted felons to amount to more than the COMBINED number of Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton and George W. Bush.

Yet a father/son ranchers from Burns, OR Dwight and Stephen Hammond are still lock up for managing their property properly. What exactly goes here sir?

For background on corruption that led to the conviction of the Hammond's I refer you to Feb 15, 2016 High Plains Journal Column

JUSTICE-2016 Style
"US" - 
by Paul Genova
I'm noticing that a 
lot of you aren't graciously accepting the fact that your candidate lost.
In fact you seem to be posting even more hateful things about
those of us who voted for Trump.
Some of you are 
apparently "triggered" because you are posting how "sick" you feel about the 
How did this happen 
you ask?
You created "us" 
when you attacked our freedom of speech.
You created "us" 
when you attacked our right to bear arms.
You created "us" 
when you attacked our Christian beliefs.
You created "us" 
when you constantly referred to us as racists.
You created "us" 
when you constantly called us xenophobic.
You created "us" 
when you told us to get on board or get out of the way.
You created "us" 
when you forced us to buy health care and then financially penalized us for not participating.
You created "us" 
when you lied and said we could keep our insurance plans and our doctors.
You created "us" 
when you allowed our jobs to continue to leave our country.
You created "us" 
when you attacked our flag.
You created "us" 
when you took God out of our schools.
You created "us" 
when you confused women's rights with feminism.
You created "us" 
when you began to emasculate men.
You created "us" 
when you decided to make our children soft.
You created “us”
When you decided to rewrite school history books and remove the truth about our founders
You created "us" 
when you decided to vote for progressive ideals.
You created "us" 
when you attacked our way of life.
You created "us" 
when you decided to let our government get out of control.
"You" created "us" 
the silent majority.
You created "us" 
when you began murdering innocent law enforcement officers.
You created "us" 
when you took a knee, or stayed seated or didn't remove your hat during our National Anthem.
And we became fed up 
and we pushed back and spoke up.
And we did it with 
ballots, not bullets.
With ballots, not 
With ballots, not 
With ballots, not 
blocking traffic.
With ballots, not 
fires, except the one you started inside of "us".
"YOU" created "US".
It really is just 
that simple.

Friday, December 23, 2016

This is just another reason I feel that we in Nebraska are in such good hands with Gov Pete Ricketts. Has your Governor issues a Merry Christmas with while quoting the Bible? I hope so.
God Bless the USA. and Nebraska
Trent Loos
Media Release:
Gov. Ricketts' Christmas Statement
LINCOLN – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts issued a statement in observance of Christmas which is celebrated on December 25, 2016.
“Christmas is a time for family and friends to come together to give back to one another and to our communities.  At its core, this holiday season is about the birth of the Messiah and the beginning of the story of God’s gift of salvation to mankind through Jesus Christ.  The Nativity and other traditions have inspired generations of Nebraskans, and have helped us renew our commitment to the values that make our state the best place in the world to live, work, and raise a family.
“As you celebrate the season, it is my hope that the words of Romans 15 bring encouragement to you: ‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.’
“Susanne, the kids, and I wish all Nebraskans a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  If you have plans to travel, we encourage you to buckle up and to enjoy this time with your family and loved ones.  As you celebrate, please pray for and think of the brave men and women serving our country away from their families.  We are grateful for their sacrifices.”
The Governor plans to celebrate Christmas with extended family.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It has been a scattered unplanned chaotic day but through it all on a ranch life goes on. Lady Blue my ride for last 10 years starts another one. Time for cold one and watch a colt figure out life one step at a time exactly as we must do.

As printed in the High Plains Journal Feb 15, 2016

Justice 2016 Style

Dwight and Steven Hammond are still in prison because they would not cave to federal pressure and give up their land. Yes, today I am going to revisit the situation that continues in the West but there is one big difference.

We now have 11 American patriots arrested and one great cowboy, Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, who was killed by Oregon State Police. Two items tell the whole story for me. First, I’ve been told three officers involved in the shooting flipped him off as he lay dying in the tobacco stains on the snow. Secondly, the news of a law enforcement party that was held in Burns, Oregon, the day after Finicum was buried.

Link here to read entire story

In 17 years I have now included 6 elected officals on the radio. Today on Loos Tales Congressman Jason Chaffetz explains why the Federal Government is out of control in building an arsenal. And for what purpose? Listen by clicking below

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Comparison of Past Fascist Governments
With the Current Government of America
Libbi M. Loos
Ravenna Public Schools

The saying goes “hind sight is 20/20”, which makes it easy to proclaim that Hitler and Mussolini were ruthless dictators when Italy and Nazi Germany’s fascist governments were in their peak. When looking back in history, there was a similar series of events that took place in these countries that put these takeovers in motion. With new gun and health care laws, the government’s disrespect for personal property rights granted by the constitution and a bigger, more powerful government taking more control, people are asking how much different America’s government really is from these earlier fascist governments. In my paper I’m going to discuss the steps that early dictators took to send Italy and Germany down those dark roads of destruction. Following that, I will discuss how those fascist governmental characteristics are surfacing in America today.
            Webster’s dictionary lists fascism as “absolute power of the state, removal of all individual needs and rights, with a rule by a single dictator”. The fourteen characteristics of fascism includes powerful nationalism and disdain for human rights (Mayer, 2003). The identification of scapegoats is used as a unifying cause for citizens to rally around, these can include racism or more commonly, rampant sexism. The supremacy of military takes over, while the government controls mass media, and there is an obsession for national security. The corporate power is protected but labor power is suppressed. There is an obsession with crime and punishment along with suspicion of fraudulent elections (Mayer, 2003). These fourteen traits are extremely evident in the German and Italian nations when they were controlled by Hitler and Mussolini, but a lot of those characteristics can also be observed in America today.
In Italy, Benito Mussolini began drawing people into his fold with just his words. He had very emotional speeches that could attract an audience and convince people of his beliefs (Blinkhorm, 1994). This “following” created the opportunity for him to become the leader. He gained power as he created the first-ever named fascist movement, although in many of his speeches he compared the nation he was making and movements to that of the Romans. His groups of street fighter squad would wear black and beat up anyone who believed in socialism or communism. Anti-communists were fooled into following Mussolini because of their fear of a communist revolt in Italy. Continuing to gain power, Mussolini made a massive march to Italy’s capital. The government leaders were so scared of the threat that they fled without a fight. The king had no defense and simply handed over the title to Mussolini (Blinkhorm, 1994).
            Once Mussolini was in power, he completely ended the democracy and took control of every aspect of Italy (Bill of Rights in Action, 2010). He began by closing any newspapers that opposed him or his beliefs. He banned all public protests and gatherings. With his declaration that all political parties were illegal, other than his own, everyone was forced to publically be in the Fascist Party, meaning that there was no opposition for him (Blinkhorm, 1994). The Organization of Vigilance and Repression of Antifascism was Mussolini’s own, created of a political police force. People began to reference his government as totalitarianism, a term he grew accustomed to, with his desire to control politics, economy, school, police, and military. Mussolini had very little use for Italy’s strong-rooted Catholic religion and tried removing it, but was put under the influence of Hitler’s anti-Semitic decrees (Bill of Rights in Action, 2010).
            Adolf Hitler’s beginning also stemmed from his ability to speak. He was called “a powerful and spell binding speaker” and known for drawing in civilians with a hate for the politicians of the time (The OpenLearn Team, 2005). Hitler used this to gain power, starting his party called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or the Nazis. He then was voted in as the chancellor of Germany (The OpenLearn Team, 2005).
             Once he was in power, HItler, identical to Mussolini, proclaimed the Nazi Party to be the only permitted party and passed the Enabling Act. The Enabling Act of 1933 gave Hitler the power to sanction laws without the involvement of the German Parliament, giving himself complete power (The OpenLearn Team, 2005). He banned the use of unauthorized gun ownership, but later in the year when Hitler actually seized power, he used the records of those who had registered guns to find and disarm them, along with disarming all Jews. The constitutional rights were dissipated with massive gun searches. A great emphasis was placed on disarming the Jews because had the Nazi’s not done that, there may not have been the Night of the Broken Glass or defenseless Jews thrown in concentration camps (Halbrook, 2013).
            America today is starting to share characteristics with these disastrous nations. One of the most obvious comparisons is the expulsion of religion from the nation and especially from the government. Italy’s Catholic belief was “unneeded” by Mussolini, abolished by Hitler and is now forbidden in places such as schools and the workplace in America (Britt, n.d.). America has strayed from their strong religious statement of “In God We Trust” so much that many believe it should be removed from the dollar bill. It may be important to remember that colonists came to America originally to avoid religious persecution and ironically it is now here in America.
Along with moderation of the first amendment, the new push for gun control is threatening the second amendment. Just as Hitler used his power to take away registered arms from all Jews before mass murdering them, Obama’s new gun laws require every civilian to have a license, register all guns and pass a background check. His executive orders are also changing gun technology (State of the Union, 2016).
            Similar to totalitarianism, Germany was monitoring everything that the German citizens did just as our bureaucrats are trying to gain access to our lives through every monitoring device they can. They use the knowledge gathered from listening to phone calls or reading emails to influence education, nutrition and regulations. They use their power to stop civilians and search them, an increasing problem for our security program. An example of this is the random security screening of 8,000 by the TSA (Mayer, 2003).
            An essential part of getting the nation to stay under the control of the government is making them reliant upon the government for the essentials of life. For example, Hitler increased government spending to the point where everyone was receiving some sort of handout, be it free day care, subsidized college tuition, foods stamps or free housing (Stupp, 2015). By the same token, Obama created free health care for everyone with Medicare and Medicaid along with the brilliant idea to provide free community college for students. Forty five percent more Americans are now receiving food stamps than when the this President took office (Jackson, 2015). However, nothing is really free. Someone is paying for it. Hitler raised taxes dramatically to pay for all these social programs just as American taxes have increased to the highest taxation rate since World War II. Other similarities between the fascist nations and the American government include the facts that prisons are packed, businesses are over-regulated and votes were cast based on being a part of making history instead of the choice that would help the world (Britt, n.d.).
            It was emphasized early on that students take history classes in order to learn history and prevent the same tragedies from occurring that destroyed nations and people before us. We have seen the fascism of Mussolini, the lethality of Hitler and the road that led up to horrors such as the Holocaust. Yet we have not been able look at our present situation and see the striking parallelism. It’s time to wake America up and stop the spread of fascism before it becomes another tragedy written in history books for some future generation to read about.


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