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Loos Tales for Jan 27, 2021 Lets just be clear, in 2021 if you don't know where your revenue is at breeding time you might be in trouble

  No farm/ranch is sustainable without profitability. We have heard about bottlenecks, lack of labor and cost of compliance but the truth of the matter is in 2021 you really need to know what market you are producing for at breeding time, or roll the dice. Listen to the broadcast

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I shot a buck today in Sherman County, Nebraska.

Loos Tales for Jan 26, 2021 Good news on the beef and pork trade front from Taiwan.

Rural Route Radio Jan 26, 2021 Jay Truitt is back with an update on the U.S. government is suppose to work, and not work. Oh and England digs up dead guy to convict.

Many health officials have said this virus is unlike any other, here is insight into why.

Dakota Trails and Tales Jan 25, 2021 Marty on Monday says very clearly, if you are worried about the time you live in, find Jesus

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Rural Route Radio Jan 25, 2021 Hank Vogler on the illegal activity of the Southern Nevada Water Authority and a smattering of history

Loos Tales Jan 25, 2021 Dr Ted Fogarty with concern on why hyperbaric treatment is not being used to save millions of lives. #CovidCure

No matter how busy you think you are, give 3.39 minutes to Diamond Rio.

Agriculture which is our wisest pursuit