Be patient girls I am sure McDonalds will get back to us ASAP on the sustainable way to get you water today.

Jolley, Runkle and Grandin are really up to what?

24 hours old and best sow on this place 20-1 El Regresso daughter 11 born alive 3rd time too. Oh and mother of class winning gilt Duncan 2014.

Here is the list of approved chemicals applied to organic food production according to USDA

Here is a first for me Christmas Cheer being spread in Atlanta airport.

Great day with Crop Dusters at NAAA but I am so glad they do this, flying in this plane interest me not.

No word on location but I have a new hideout. FYI... Scott Atkins it will be handy for us.

Happening in Mohall right now. Great group great people.

Jamie Oliver are you clueless or simply have an agenda?

Look at what Kelli put together a $10 stocking stuffer CD with 2014 Loos Tales highlights.

I am grilling Strauss American lamb chops if you want a hurry.

Thanksgiving day treasures the original Loos homestead in Rural Quincy, IL. My grandfather Calvin J. Loos is on far left and was born in 1918.

Headlines in 1988 "The farmer's share of the food dollar dropped to 32 percent in 1985 and to 31 percent in 1986." What is it today?

So have never been a Chuck Hagel fan but not to hard to see that he is being used as a scapegoat in this deal. What exactly is the "skill set" needed to deal with Islamic State? Kenyon Born?

The sift has begun in Duncan Fall Classic 2014 with 2500 little pigs on display.

Nephew Grayson Tedrow also had a Reserve Champion 2014 IL State Fair gilt sired by Loos ChaChing. Guess what ChaChing's headed to Fall Classic next in Duncan too.

Hot out of the Mapes Photo dark room Lindsi Loos with her Reserve Champion Spot barrow 2014 NAILE.

Lindsi Loos in Championship drive to win Reserve Spot while newly named Chair An Sci at UK Richard Coffey works non-stop in background. NAILE2014

Lindsi Loos just won Res Champion Spot at 2014 NAILE. Barrow sired by Loos ChaChing.

Lindsi Loos rocking showmanship for Grant Grebner at 2014 NAILE.

I join with Nina to request your signature on letter to USDA and HHS

Here is my day and one of these I was ask for ID...the other I was not. Can you pick it out?

Case history on government intervention in antibiotic usage in food animals from Animal Health Institute

We have been getting bad nutritional advice for 50 years now The Big Fat Surprise with Nina Teicholz

Request "Hormones In" your food

Loos Tales for Sept 25, 2014 Farm Aid teams up with BOLD Nebraska comes to fleece Nebraskan's this weekend