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I flea the.......excuse me......the 5th

Happy Independence Day 2014 thanks to all have served so that I freely enjoy my pasture.

Here Libbi Loos proving cowgirls don't "need" saddles, boots, jeans or spurs. Still amazing to watch this girl ride.

All types of technics used in halter breaking sheep. Lindsi chooses explaining in English what she wants.

Well now isn't this comforting? NOT

Over the past 20 years, federal spending grew 63 percent faster than inflation

The Internal Revenue Service spent $4.1 million on a lavish conference in 2010 for 2,609 of its employees in Anaheim, California. Expenses included $50,000 for line-dancing and “Star Trek” parody videos, $135,350 for outside speakers, $64,000 in conference “swag” for the employees, plus free meals, cocktails, and hotel suite upgrades.