Now see Eve on the run?

I am not the one doing the work here. Can you see Eve the Super Dog bringing the cows to me at the gate.

A strange substance in my calf yard this morning can anyone help me identify it?

The tranquility of a group of content cows is awesome.

And here we are

Its all coming together man meat fire and a mator.

Oh yeah

I see you hiding in there mator you are going to compliment my bacon cheeseburger for lunch very well. No no don't cry its your purpose in life tomato.

Replacement heifers weaned rest of the calves headed to sale tomorrow. This heifer sure looks awesome today and betting you could see a Loos girl leading her at 2014 Nebraska State Fair.

Last 80 miles home best fuel milage in my silver pickup with 387,431 miles on it.