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Loos Tales for Jan 27, 2021 Lets just be clear, in 2021 if you don't know where your revenue is at breeding time you might be in trouble

I shot a buck today in Sherman County, Nebraska.

Loos Tales for Jan 26, 2021 Good news on the beef and pork trade front from Taiwan.

Rural Route Radio Jan 26, 2021 Jay Truitt is back with an update on the U.S. government is suppose to work, and not work. Oh and England digs up dead guy to convict.

Many health officials have said this virus is unlike any other, here is insight into why.

Dakota Trails and Tales Jan 25, 2021 Marty on Monday says very clearly, if you are worried about the time you live in, find Jesus

Across the Pond Jan 25, 2021 A weekend of massive information, overload actually.

Rural Route Radio Jan 25, 2021 Hank Vogler on the illegal activity of the Southern Nevada Water Authority and a smattering of history

Loos Tales Jan 25, 2021 Dr Ted Fogarty with concern on why hyperbaric treatment is not being used to save millions of lives. #CovidCure

No matter how busy you think you are, give 3.39 minutes to Diamond Rio.

Agriculture which is our wisest pursuit

Clearly it is time for stock dogs to round up corrupt politicians. Claire is ready

Farmers are the solution

House Bill H.R.1 introduced a creates path for constant voter fraud.

Rural Route Radio Jan 22, 2021 Ted Fogarty with very troubling news today, SM now censorship on medical intervention techniques to treat COVID-19

Across the Pond Jan 22, 2021 we celebrate Life and how much farmers have improved it

Called Comfort Animal Rights Activist are wtong

Rural Route Radio Jan 21, 2021 Day after disappointment Andrew Henderson joins with apology and Jenny Schweigert explains WH.Gov situation

Loos Tales for Jan 21, 2021 so some times that calf just doesn't come the exact day you thought it would, but it comes

Loos Tales for Jan 20, 2021 The red, white and blue waves true on American Farms and Ranches. Care for the land is more important than ever.

Rural Route Radio Jan 20, 2021 Bryan Jorgensen talking how all healthy things come back to soil health. In spirit of the late Martin Jorgensen

Rural Route Radio Jan 19, 2021 Is this Ground Zero for good versus evil? Jay Truitt joins again to shares his wisdom from 25 years on Capitol Hill.

Rural Route Radio Jan 18, 2021 Hank Vogler on the the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. who hijacked the American Dream?

Don't fall prey to orchestrated chaos

Rural Route Radio Jan 18, 2021 Hank Vogler on the the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. who hijacked the American Dream?

Dakota Trails and Tales Jan 18, 2021 Marty on Monday today we talk about the censorship of Christians not only at home but around the world

Beautiful winter day in Sherman County, Nebraska Jan 18, 2021 #MeatHeals

If you want the facts seek media outlets not owned by China

A true role model for societal change Martin Luther King Jr. as did it in 39 years

More information suppressed by Chinese owned USA media

Another US media outlet with Chinese ties, Forbes

If you wonder MSM is hiding the truth from you answer here

Loos from the Hip Jan 16, 2021 the dawn of new day, globai

Rural Route Radio Jan 15, 2021 John Bolin retired U.S. Marshall joins to discuss true law and order and how we move forward.

Less we forget a nation that cannot feed itself is vulnerable today Dakota Trails and Tales

Across the Pond the COVID "mask" continues call it a snood if you like

Bridging the Gap between Rural and Urban

True Patriots please take notice President Donald J. Trump is requesting no violence.

John F Kennedy Jan 1960

Loos From the Hip Jan 13, 2021 a message about Inauguration Day 2021

Across the Pond Jan 13, 2021 today many questions about true insurrectionist?

Rural Route Radio Jan 13, 2021 What I learned at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016 that is playing out today

Rural Route Radio Jan 12, 2021 this is all about good versus evil

Nebraska Gov Pete Ricketts with proclamation January as Human Trafficking month