Craig Reynolds leads off for Wounded Warriors Amputee team

Master communicator Bill Broadie sharing with Channel 8 news. Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball games start at 3 today.

That's Bill Broadie blocking Redskins Jeff Bostic and John Riggins from food at All American Beef Battalion feed.

Yes here looking for Russ Baxley has anybody seen him?

The oldest branch U.S. at Fort Riley

Happening now at KSU All American Beef Battalion preparing for feeding troops.

You know it will be a great day when you start with Whole Milk from a real bottle.

August was wonderful at HOME

This is Lindsi's Nebraska State Fair breeding heifer Brilliance daughter now in her natural habitat.

Double Glatter Loos at a livestock show instead of on a softball field.

No better role model for teenagers in the USA than Katie Nolles from Rock County FFA. She is leading her class winning heifer at Nebraska State Fair. One hell of a mother she has.

Already this morning Lindsi shows blue ribbon breeding heifer Nebraska State Fair.