Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tyson overstepping its bounds based on emotion

Every day we complain about emotion instead of science ruling the day well here is Tyson contributing to the problem. Drovers reports":

As consumers grow more concerned with animal welfare issues, Tyson says beef producers will have to follow on-farm requirements for animal treatment next year if they want to work with the major meat processor.

Hey here is the news flash 99% of the consumers have not a thought about animal welfare. More times than not we create the buzz instead of answering it. The American consumer does not think about it because they only care about access, quality, safety and price. Another undercover video comes out and we do our self more damage than the video did. 

Nothing here Mr Tyson that hunger would not fix. If you want operate as the EU meat companies have done maybe you should relocate over the pond

Trent Loos

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