Saturday, March 22, 2003

The Kids are there target

Don’t listen to me I am a ranting lunatic. Okay, then what about Bruce Vincent, Teresa Platt, John Doyle, Doug Jeanneret, Michele Payn-Knoper, Dan Murphy, Heather Hampton-Knodle, do I need to go on? We have all been trying to tell you that special interest groups are attempting to influence the youth of America. Further evidence here again brought to my attention by the U.S. Sportsmen Alliance.

The PETCO Foundation, the charitable arm of PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc., is sponsoring the HSUS’s National Association for Humane and Environmental Education (NAHEE) Adopt a Teacher program in 500 elementary schools across the country. The program is part of HSUS’s plan to introduce children, grades kindergarten through six, to the animal rights movement.

Kids, young impressionable minds, are you talking to them? They are…

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