Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Family versus Corporate

The best thing about Loos Lips, is the dialogue I am developing with you. I am getting a tremendous feedback, positive and negative about the social climate in rural America. The best one this week is from Tami Courtney of Holden, MO.
Help me out, here . . . Mr. Kennedy is against large production farmer? Yes or No? Or is he just against some of the methods used or not used in ensuring our landscape and natural resources remain sustainable? Even after hearing him speak last year, and I will admit – it was a bit convoluted – I am unsure why you two are at odds. Seems you are for the Farmer and he is for the Farmer? No? And, it also seems you two differ on your opinion of what farming is? Yes? Or is it that you just enjoy annoying him?

Okay so I do enjoy annoying him. But honesty, Tami brings up a tremendous point. All of these attacks position themselves as focusing on the “GLOBAL MEGA-CORPORATIONS” not the farmer. The truth is new regulations put into place to supposedly restrict the large producer only work to eliminate the mid size farmers, when in fact all the regulations that need to be in place have been. That is evidenced by the fact that each state has data showing the environment is cleaner today than any time in history. In addition the large farms spread the cost out over more animals and survive, where as the mid size cannot swallow the added cost of production. Another example is in this story out of Wisconsin today.

Animal factories scare town into action

Proposed changes are "not intended for family farms," Clarke said. "It's for the large, mega-corporate farms."

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