Like a fine wine, it just takes time

It has been about three years since I decide to spend time advocating agriculture. In the early days I had a meeting with Mike Leporte of KRVN radio, Lexington, NE. In that meeting Mike told me, “I once heard a guy speak about the timber industry that you should meet and emulate in this quest.” I didn’t make time for that connection, until this past winter when I spoke at International Mink Show. Teresa Platt said “You have just got to meet Bruce Vincent - you two are just alike.” Of course Bruce Vincent is the person Mike Leporte was also referencing. Yesterday I did visit with Bruce on the phone and to even be compared to him and what he has accomplished is quite an honor. Thank you. Bruce understands the greatest challenge we face today in being a “resource provider” is the subtle signals the youth are getting in school and every day life. He is not taking it lying down. He is doing something about it. Check in out: