Good Influences are happening

Many of you have logged onto and commented about what a good start that web site has. We formed the Faces Of Agriculture non-profit organization to bring back the importance of people in the production of food. Faces of Ag is an accumulation of people that I have met on the trail who are willing to help get the TRUTH told. One of those people and the person directly responsible for the development of that web site is Amy Wilkerson. Amy began writing letters to the editor in the Des Moines register, then she was asked to be on the reader advisory board for the Register. Chad and Amy live in central Iowa and operate a wean to finish pork operation. Recently they gave a tour of their farm to other reader advisory board members. Amy recently received the following request from Christopher J. Bosso of Boston, MA:
“I am in the process of doing research for what will eventually become a course at Northeastern University on "food and public policy." and have received a grant from a regional foundation to travel around and talk with local farmers and other food producers.”
Click to read that letter. Amy also told me she heard Bruce Vincent speak three years ago and he was the first one that motivated her to get involved. YOU ONLY NEED TO INFLUENCE ONE PERSON TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.