Thursday, September 18, 2003

What a hypocrite

On Tuesday this week, I shed some light on Jason Sheehan who wrote a ridiculous piece in the Denver Westword. Click here to read Loos Lips Sept 16, 2003 but the segment I want to remind you of is where he said this.

"And even though this was a piece made explicitly to shock and disgust meat-eaters like me -- using only worst-case examples to shame us into thinking twice about picking up that warm, greasy bag of double cheeseburgers on the way home -- I can't entirely fault the PETA folks for their fervor. They may have chosen only the worst, only the most graphic and most disgusting images they could find, but there's truth in them. Ugly and vile as the film is, I think everyone should see it. I think third-graders should be made to watch it before lunch.

Jerry Heidelk from Grand Island, NE has earned my Weenie Roaster Award for this correspondence he sent to Sheenan.

As Mike Rosen states we don't need to apologize for being on top of the food chain!

I have worked at a packinghouse in Sterling, CO and the propaganda they are showing you is not what happens.

The U.S. processes 135,000 cattle every day.

Do you really think this is how they do it?

After working in a plant I went from eating steaks well done to now ordering them RARE.

PETA is no more than a domestic terror group.


A Proud Producer of Beef
Jerry Heidelk

And the response back from Sheenan..


Exactly my point. Thanks for standing up for the other side. I've spent some time in slaughterhouses and processing plants. I know what goes on there. And I know that when your processing beef in the six-figures a day, there's no time for some slouching dude with a butcher's saber to give Bessie two in the chest. PETA is biased, but they are throwing a very bright light on a very small and dark corner of the industry.

I'm still eating meat. I'm still eating it rare. They didn't change my mind, but all I wanted to do is make people think a little before they ordered their next 99 cent McDonalds cheeseburger.

Hey, can we print this letter? I've gotten a lot of things from PETA activists, but not many speaking for the other side.


~Jason Sheehan

It is obvious that this guy will say what he thinks you want to hear. He certainly wants to hear from “our side” so send him your letter.

Radio Icon

Kansas State is proud to announce this, click for entire link.


MANHATTAN -- One of the nation's best known radio newscasters will kick off Kansas State University's 2003-2004 Landon Lecture Series. Paul Harvey will present a Landon Lecture at 10:30 a.m. Friday, Sept. 19, at K-State's McCain Auditorium.

"Paul Harvey is a radio icon. He is one of the foremost newsmen in the business," said Charles Reagan, chair of the Landon Lecture Series. "His hallmark programs, 'News and Comment' and 'The Rest of the Story,' have established him as one of the world's most listened-to broadcasters."

I hope someone asks Mr. Harvey about his subtle anti-animal agriculture messages. For example, on April 28, 2003 when he glorified Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder of PETA, for her willingness to go to extremes for getting people to pay attention and motivate people to respond “to our otherwise senseless undemented sadistic torment and torture of our planets other animals”.

I have that on tape if you would like to hear it in his own words. And just this very morning, when speaking about hurricane Isabel, he planted a seed about the hogs, chickens and turkeys affected in hurricane Floyd.

Good luck, Mr. Harvey. You may need it in the great livestock state of Kansas.

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