Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Advocates for everything

We need representation! Every day it becomes glaringly more apparent that the wolves, the trees, the bears and even the soil have plenty of representation. But when are the stewards of these resources going to catch up? It seems that people are moving down the food chain. Oh, but that is the goal isn’t it? Read this piece from Missoula, MT. The judge’s comments about property rights concern me a little. Click here to read entire piece.

Initiative 143 did not strip Montana game farmers of their constitutional rights by outlawing the hunting of captive elk, deer and other "alternative livestock," U.S. District Judge Sam Haddon has ruled.

Indeed, game farm owners have no "absolute or unfettered right to operate an alternative livestock ranch as they see fit," Haddon said. I-143 "advances legitimate non-illusory state interests in protecting Montana wildlife."

And on this same morning I read this excellent column by Joyce Morrison in Illinois on the subject of property rights. Click here to read entire column.

"Rural cleansing" may sound like a tale from the Old West to some, but not to present day property owners who are being removed from their land in the here and now. Many of these people are said to be "willing sellers" but many times are forced to become "willing." property because of controls.

Daily I receive e-mails telling of people being moved from their land by some ridiculous land grab of a government bureau or an environmental organization. If these folks are not removed, they are often prevented from doing anything with their property because of controls.

The need for speed

Why it is we are a society that feels the need for speed? I don’t know but last week I attend my first auto race and watched a car powered by E-85. Tim Schwanke from Springfield, MN had that car. Check out his website. Now I find this race car being made out of cheese. Yesterday I spoke to the Upper Midwest Dairy Industry Association. The power of cheese continues to race on. Check out the I Love Cheese website.

Keep your eyes on Kellogg's/got milk? #5 Car! On May 3, a brand-new Cheese paint scheme was unveiled at Terry Labonte's running at Richmond International Speedway. Fans also witnessed the unveiling of the "World's Cheesiest Car," a to-scale replica of the #5 Chevrolet made entirely out of Cabot Creamery Cheddar!

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