Al Capone’s playbook

Most of you will have a tremendous amount of trouble believing what I am about to tell you. David Erickson is a county commissioner in Dodge County, MN. He understands the purpose of county commissioners. When a farmer submits a request to build or expand their operation and answers all of the questions properly in order to prove they are protecting the environment and meeting all regulations, Mr. Erickson is willing to say YES. Well, some Dodge County anti-agriculturist cannot stomach that. Sunday morning David woke up with hog manure in his yard, a dead rat hanging from his door and a sign that reads “Resign or Die”. Why do we spend our money removing the oppression in Iraq? What are we doing about it here at home? I have interviewed Mr. Erickson and it will air on Loos Tales. If you would like to hear it, email me and I will send it to you.

Greatly Disturbing

This article appeared in the Denver Westword published Sept 11, 2003 and it concerns me greatly. If you have not seen the “Meet your meat” video put out by PETA, you should. This disturbs me because of where this “journalist” started and ended up. Read entire article by clicking here.

Jason Sheehan writes a dining column called "Bite Me." The current one includes a discussion of PETA's "Meet Your Meat" video:

"When the Alec Baldwin-narrated Meet Your Meat, a DVD from PETA, arrived in my mailbox the other day, it looked like money in the bank -- an easy couple of column inches poking fun at the Hollywood star and lefty mouthpiece, then closing with a brief screed on how much I hate it when celebrities try to tell me how to live my life. Of course, being a good little journalist, I
figured I'd better actually watch the thing first.

"And even though this was a piece made explicitly to shock and disgust meat-eaters like me -- using only worst-case examples to shame us into thinking twice about picking up that warm, greasy bag of double cheeseburgers on the way home -- I can't entirely fault the PETA folks for their fervor. They may have chosen only the worst, only the most graphic and most disgusting images they could find, but there's truth in them. Ugly and vile as the film is, I think everyone should see it. I think third-graders should be made to watch it before lunch.