Monday, April 07, 2003

Speak Up For Ag

Saturday I attended a Speak Up For Ag meeting in Columbus, NE. The highlight certainly was a producer panel of five who took the stage in front of 200 friends and neighbors. The mission of this gathering was quite simple; proudly tell your community what you do on your farm. “You are an expert in our own experiences”, to often we feel we are not qualified to tell the story. NOBODY is better qualified than you to tell your own story. One concept that was brought up by one of the panelist, was the power of the activist groups PETA, HSUS, Sierra Club et al… HEY I am here to tell you they are ALL weenies, once confronted with the Truth they tuck their head between their legs and retreat. THEY DON’T EXPECT US TO BE SPOKESMEN and hold them accountable to the lies. When we confront them, they will leave us alone and chase some other industry. Congratulations Speak Up For Ag planners. They do remind us it the people, Faces of agriculture.

Too much information

It has come to my attention that the information I send out in Loos Lips everyday can be somewhat disheartening. So it begs the question, what is the balance between knowing the facts about what is truly happening and the optimistic attitude to continue the battle? I believe we must know what they are saying so we can be more prepared, but we must focus on what we do have. Reference a column I wrote in Feb 2002 called Never Better, please read. Secondly the positive side of we do comes to mind today because on my journey yesterday from Columbus, NE to Rochester, MN. I stopped in Ames, IA where Andrew McCrea’s was hosting a book signing. . Andrew does a daily radio program a written a book (The American Countryside) that focuses on the positive things happening in America. Check out Andrew McCrea.

Winter isn’t back, it never left

I am speaking today in Rochester, MN to SE MN Ag Alliance. Very similar to Speak Up For Ag this is another coalition from all commodities uniting to present one voice. It does look like a major blizzard here and I hear across much of the Midwest today. Well anyway that’s your weather update.

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