Livestock industry breathes a little easier

Last October a jury trial awarded four plaintiffs $1 million in damages for odor and $32 million in punitive damages against hog farmer Iowa Select. Iowa Select Farms announced today a settlement in the case of a Sac County nuisance lawsuit that has eliminated $32 million in punitive damages awarded by a jury in October 2002.“Punitive damages are appropriate only if there is a history of intentional bad faith action. That was obviously not the case here, and this settlement is a testament to that fact,” said Iowa Select Farms CEO Jeff Hansen. This is great news, no punitive damages.

Don't rest though livestock still under attack, award or no award many of these simply want us to occur cost in defending this type of thing.

Speaking of attacks

The Indiana Statesman is has reported this week that Gary Yourofsky spoke on April 2, 2003 at Indiana University. Teresa Platt and the Fur Commission know all about this guy, log on see what his past looks like. Here are some of his quotes this week though.

Cancer rates would drop by 60 percent if the world stopped eating meat,
he said in a speech Tuesday afternoon in Holmstedt Hall.

"Human beings are not carnivores or omnivores in any shape or form,"
Yourofsky said. "Human beings are herbivores."

"I'm vegan," he said. "I do not eat anything that has a face, mother or
bowel movement."

"There would be no starving persons if we used plant-based
agricultures," Yourofsky said.

Yourofsky said he is just following in the footsteps of people like
Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi and Jesus Christ by trying to make a
difference in this world.

And here is my opinion, “we grant him the right to speak at a university?????”, in INDIANA not San Francisco.

On a lighter note,

Squirrels, ABC news reported yesterday that taxpayers spent $600,000 studying sex habits of South African ground squirrels, I not kidding read the story. Anyway on Loos Tales Doug Wulff from Columbia, MO has invented a critter guard that you cannot live without. Listen to Loos Tales enjoy, then call Doug and order your critterguard right away.