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You must read this read sent to me by Donna Schmidt-Moenning. Donna and her husband Mark operate a farm and she is a farm broadcaster near Rochester, MN. PLEASE READ THIS…..

Here's a new twist -- although what should surprise us anymore in this business. Mark Finstuin, a local pork producer, had his EAW (environmental assessment worksheet), which he did voluntarily, not required for the size of unit he wanted to build (under 1,000 animal units) APPROVED by the County Zoning Board but his Permit was denied yesterday. It now goes to the county commissioners for the final say. So the EAW says everything is in place and sighted appropriately but the permit was denied. This is the Milton Township issue where there's been a lot of local opposition with Land Stewardship's help. They already have the guy tied up in court with a "possible nuisance" lawsuit. Soooo...if Mark doesn't get his permit does the lawsuit get dropped??? It's pathetic when a judge will even look at a case where a guy hasn't even done anything and can be sued as a possible nuisance. The board voted by paper ballot, so there's no way to know how the board members voted. The EAW vote was 6-1 to accept and the Permit was denied 4-3. Duane Johnson was shocked. I think there was a lot of disbelief on both sides in the room. On a positive note, one non-farm dwelling in Claremont Township was denied after 2 farmers spoke up that there are too many non-farm dwellings in their area that they have to contend.

This is all time low this guy has been spending money defending a nuisance lawsuit for odor on hog barn he didn’t even have permitted. Listen to my commentary about this on Truth Be Told…

Dan the MAN,

Dan Murphy posted this story that I wrote this week on Thank you Dan, below is a preview entire story.

“Vegetarian to be or not to be”

What motivates people to choose a vegetarian lifestyle? The answer is as diverse as the country we live in, but there is one common thread: Misinformation runs rampant.

Think not? Here are some responses from otherwise intelligent people to the question, "Why are you a vegetarian?" (the first three responses are from attendees at the recent Health and Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, Calif.):

· "I am a vegetarian because I'm opposed cutting down the tropical rain forests in our country to build livestock farms."


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