They’re Weenies

Today is the official launch of the “They’re Weenies” campaign. What is it? I have heard one to many people say; “the special interest groups” have too much power. They have “power and influence” only if we allow them to. Upon being confronted with the truth they will retreat. Recent examples, last week I told about Gary Yourofsky speaking at Indiana University, he has been quoted as saying. "Do not be afraid to condone arsons at places of animal torture, matter of fact, if an "animal abuser" were to get killed in the process of burning down a research lab, I would unequivocally support that, too." Reference Fur Commission for full profile.

Reported by Johnson City Press (TN) this week the Weenie Yourofsky was scheduled to speak at East Tennessee State
University. Yourofsky blew up and did not speak because Dr. Brunhilde Toper-Meyer, a veterinarian who is director of the University's Division of Laboratory Animal Resources made available pamphlets "21 Things You May Not Know about the Animal Rights Movement”. WHAT A WEENIE

On a local nature, recently Iowa’s biggest Weenies Iowa Citizen’s for Community Improvement (ICCI) held a community meeting in Audubon, Iowa. Their intent was an anti-agriculture “hearing” for public discussion concerning two area producers and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). The crowd was 70% producers and the truth prevailed. Local producers like Ron Beech spoke and said that’s not right, here is the truth. Read Amy Wilkerson’s report of the meeting.

We have always been reluctant to confront people and they have been counting on that. Food production is worth fighting for and the best soldiers of the truth are without a doubt those of us that get our hands dirty everyday doing it.

THEY’RE WEENIES the truth is on our side, just look them in the eye and tell them so.