New Days, New Ways

Last week I parted ways with Brownfield Network. It was a tremendous experience for me and I learned many things about how media organizations work. Loos Tales will continue, and actually has expanded greatly in the past week. Loos Lips has been very well received and will continue to expand. I will be spending most of my time focusing on Faces of Agriculture. Faces of Agriculture is a non-profit organization designed to identify “weenies”, tell the truth about agriculture and empower producers to be better spokesmen. Leadership, media training and public relations will be the main focus, so keep us in mind.

Every day is Earth Day

I think I am witnessing a growing trend in environmental debate. I hear you saying, Trent we have always had negative rhetoric about the environment, but I am here to tell you I think is intensifying. I am seeing some Democratic presidential candidates who seem to believe the “environmental platform” is one to carry them to the White House. Last week was Earth Day - the day celebrated by fundraising environmentalists; meanwhile Earth Day is every day for those of us who make our living from the land. A tremendous number of environmental issues hit the press including the damage caused by people who claim to support the environment and yet they do so with destruction. Check out this excerpt from National Geographic or click here to read entire story.

According to the FBI, the Environmental Liberation Front (ELF) and organizations associated with it are suspected in 600 acts of violence including torching buildings at the Vail ski resort, burning SUVs in Oregon, striking a research center in Michigan and upscale homes in New York resulting in more than U.S. $45 million dollars in damage.

And yet another one from Newsday on Friday.

Even my ole buddy Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is trying to get involved. The LA Times reported his support for John Kerry’s environmental stand. Read the article.

Vegetarian Activist perplexed

Read this article today about a vegetarian who dies from vCJD. The author still tries to find way to blame beef consumption.