Monday, April 28, 2003

From the other side

I recently located Michael Milligan from California. What an interesting perspective he brings to the activist discussion. Once a self-proclaimed “leftist”, he has since “grown up and seen the light”. Milligan admits that the radicals he once worked with don’t grasp or care about the truth. “Truth is not a big issue with them”. Milligan has written a novel, Pine Field Killings, which brings to light some of the tactics employed by the radicals. Visit Milligan’s website to read more about it.

Terrorists among us

The militant animal rights group, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), raided a battery hen farm and "liberated" more than 1,000 chickens before issuing threats that their next attack would be more extreme. This story is out of EU this week home of small “humane” farms. I have included the full story below but here are a couple of the most important lines.

The spokesman added: "As can be seen from video footage, birds that become immobilized with the waste that sticks to their legs aren't even able to
forage for scraps of food. These slowly sink into the sodden waste and die horribly where they lay, only able to resist hungry rats and other hens as long as they are able to survive."

Where is the view of the farmer? This is an obvious removal of human intervention in the production of food. What farmer could or would allow his livelihood to suffer in such a manner? Relentless attacks on food production, and if you think this is just a EU issue. ALF has been very much present in the US just ask a few mink farmers. Thank you to Teresa Platt of the US Fur Commission for keeping everyone in US agriculture updated on what is coming

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