I will not live in “FEAR”

A couple weeks ago I told you about a Nicollet County pork producer who caught Matt Mackell trespassing with a camera and GPS system, click here to reference that information.The follow-up to that story makes my toes curl. The Minnesota Agri News is reporting today that producers in Nicollet county are petitioning the state to keep their farm sites a secret, read story. I AM SORRY! We cannot live in fear of these “WEENIES”. I understand that none of us want to be targets. I recently spoke with a major media outlet in the Midwest who told me he was frustrated because the state has come out aggressively supporting livestock agriculture, but no one will agree to talk about it on the record. I realize that any one of us may be targeted individually, but as a united front we will prevail. If we are going to just cower and hope not to be targeted, we will get picked off one at a time. And finally I have a news flash for you: you are already targeted
Same M.O.

Are you paying attention? The same methodology of outlawing gestation crates in Florida is happening in California. First, identify a state with a lot of voters, then spread the word that farmers are abusing the animals. Introduce anti-animal legislation and then conduct a consumer poll. Farm Sanctuary has just announced the results of one such survey:

71% support legislation to mandate that calves have freedom to turn
around, while 22% disagreed that such legislation should be enacted

72% support legislation to mandate that pigs have enough freedom to turn
around, while 22% disagreed that such legislation should be enacted

With a little creativity, I can write a poll question that could get seventy percent of Americans to agree that we would be better off if Columbus had never discovered America. WAKE UP! We talked about Florida like it couldn’t happen, it did and now the race is on. Please do two things for me, 1) Call someone - I don’t care who but at least one Californian that you know. Tell them the truth about animal agriculture. 2)Log onto www.activistcash.com and find out about the real agenda of Farm Sanctuary. This is the group who pokes holes in animal agriculture for “using animals for profit” while they steal animals from farmers and take them to their sanctuary so they can sell tickets for people to come pet them. And what about their $3.5 million net worth? What a bunch of “hypocritical weenies”. Besides all that, they wouldn’t let me speak at the Food Animal Forum in New York in May…