I would like to take just a moment and clarify some rumors that are floating about. I even heard of a USDA employee misinforming people at the very meeting in Great Falls, MT that I am speaking at.

President Trump did not issue an order silencing employees of the USDA and EPA as you may have been told.

This is an example of the headline.

Trump Administration Restricts News from Federal Scientist at USDA, EPA.


On Friday morning Inauguration Day BEFORE the swearing in the Obama Administration issued this internal memo. The memo was lifted directly from the 2009 memo that Bush Administration issued prior to the swearing in at that time.

It is standard procedure for the one administration to do this before transition.

What is not standard procedure is for individuals to leave out certain vital information which would leave the public believing the incoming President is trying to place a gag order on employees.

Trent Loos

Just in Reuters story now verifies information provided above.