Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Killer Women star Tricia Helfer added to the list NO WATCH

So while I am in the mood of ruining your day but exposing "celebrities" for there animal rights work here is a huge disappointment. Tricia Helfer is not one we can watch if we support animal agriculture despite the Hot Bad Ass she might be on Killer Women. From her own blog she says.

"[M]ost people might not know that I grew up an Alberta farm girl—getting my hands dirty, riding tractors, fixing machinery and more," writes Helfer in her letter. "I still often return to my family's farm to pitch in, and am as comfortable in the field as I am on the red carpet...To me, as with most caring Canadians, there's virtually no more abusive or neglectful way to treat an animal than to lock her in a cage and let her linger, day and night for huge lengths of time, unable to even turn around. This is why I was so heartened to read that NFACC is working to move the Canadian pork industry away from tiny gestation crates for breeding pigs." Sayara Thurston, campaigner for HSI/Canada said: "We applaud NFACC and Canadian producers for the work they have done to improve conditions for mother pigs. However, we urge them to take further steps and to take this opportunity to make the Canadian pork industry a global leader in animal welfare by including a full phase out of gestation crate confinement in the final Code of Practice."

Then of course I will not mention or link the PeTA videos that she has produced.

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