Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Animal Rights WHACKJOB Quote of the day JOE BIDEN

It is being reported that a meeting between oil money silver spoon born Victoria McCullough and Vice President Joe Biden made the difference in getting a restriction on funding USDA inspectors in the horse harvest facilities. With that said we usually deal with a selective portrayal of the truth, this my friends is an outright LIE.

When horses are purchased at auction by buyers intending to kill them, they are hauled away in double-decker tractor trailers, where they are beaten and often blinded with baseball bats to mollify them. After crossing the border into Mexico, the animals are stabbed on either side – an act said to tenderize the meat – and immobilized. Workers then saw the horses' legs off at the knee and hang them so they bleed out. All while the animals are still alive.

Printed July 2013 Biz Pac review

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