Sorry I am running late today but it is the direct result of being a Rancher's Husband. Yes, this week we are artificially breeding heifers. Oh, my! Using technology to get heifers bred instead of doing it the natural way. Indeed the heifers and the stockmen alike benefit from using bulls that are proven to be calving ease sires. It decreases the incidence of calving difficultly, which can result in death of the calf and/or the heifer. Secondly, the shorter calving window allows for more direct attention during the critical calving season.

The great irony of this particular today is a result of yesterday's dialogue about hands on occupations. So many of you responded about the lack of work ethic in today's young people. I think I may have been there one day myself as a youngster but the funny thing is that today I desire to spend a day getting dirty working cattle unlike I have at any previous time in my life.

I hope to one day find the formula to get our young people to understand earlier in life that our way of living is the best there could ever be, rather than believing that something other than hands on is anything but just an easier way out.

Always together for American agriculture,
Trent Loos