Trent Loos – Ricketts fighting for Nebraska farm families
To keep agriculture strong, Nebraska has to become more competitive in the area of property taxes. Anyone living along the Kansas, South Dakota or Wyoming border can tell you how much higher their property taxes are in Nebraska than they are in bordering states.
If we’re going to make progress to address high property taxes, we need structural reform. This plan represents structural reform and is the next key step in addressing high ag land valuations which contributed to our current high property tax situation.
As a businessman, Governor Ricketts understands the importance of growing agriculture in our state. Working together, we can ensure that agriculture continues to grow, so Nebraska can continue to grow.
Nebraska families are suffering because of the high tax rates in our state, and LB338 sends a clear message to current and future generations of Nebraskan’s that out state government understands and working towards a solution.
I urge Nebraskans to write, call, and email their senators. If you want them to pass tax reform this year, you need to step up and take action.
Trent Loos
Loup City, NE