Thursday, January 15, 2015

This is why the Chipolte pork marketing gimmick is worth some time investment

​All major print news sources this week have printed "news" that burrito shop Chipolte is short on pork supplies and is not serving carnitas until further notice.

Here is below news brief USA Today refers to it as "animal abuse"

"This is fundamentally an animal welfare decision, and is rooted in our ... the perceived high quality of its food and its rigid standards on animal abuse.

Tons more news outlets doing the same thing.

So what was the "abuse" you ask?

They say one supplier did not provide the pigs with enough bedding and access to the outdoors. Pig farmer was not named. 

Granted a food company can establish there own set of specs for food sales but when it is commonly referred to as animal abuse that pigs don't have access to outdoors when the outdoors is to freaking cold for the pig to even want to go out we should be troubled. And how does Chipolte know how much bedding a pig needs. Do they have science? I bed pigs every week and I am not sure what enough is.

So I encourage all who agree with me that we smell a rat here to simply find out which stores are serving and not serving pork right now. Drive up, walk in, make a phone call I don't care but don't spend one dime with these marketing manipulators.

Thanks and I look forward to the results.

Trent Loos

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Anonymous said...

Hear hear Trent, I smell a bunch of hooey