Monday, January 19, 2015

Choose a better path

By Trent Loos | 0 comments

It has now been 15 years since I jumped into the trenches to fight on behalf of all agriculture producers and, quite frankly, consumers as well.

You see, I believe even more strongly today than I did then that a domestic supply of food is a means of national security. From Day One, particularly in the fight against the animal rights community, the battle has been to combat the emotion with science. Science does not stink! Science paves the path for the best food system possible if we allow it. It is science and technology that have helped us make the giant leaps in productivity that have brought us this far.

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sharon r bower said...

I was discussing the status of the American food supply with a Banker in Minnesota. I told him it was important that American Farmers continue to produce enough food for Americans. That buying food from other country would be our down fall if we depended on foreign food. He said he did not much care. That was a problem that his grand kids were going to have to work out.