Nebraska Ernie Chambers is ignoring the unemployment, poverty and crime in his district and meddling where he does not belong

Ernie Chambers Nebraska State Senator from the North Omaha district, continues to have as his priority pushing through a bill that would ban Mountain Lion hunting in the state of Nebraska. For the record, the current hunting limit for the whole state is 2 lions each year. 

Despite Governor Heineman's veto and the State Senate saying no we don't want to attempt to override the veto, Ernie Chambers is now spending all of his time trying to circumvent the system.

Here is my question for Ernie Chambers. Why with these statistics in his represented district does he continue to work on a bill that only affects people hundreds of mile from his district?

The unemployment in north Omaha is estimated at 25 percent, in stark contrast to a 4% figure for the state.

Nebraska's North Omaha has the highest child poverty level of any U.S. Black metropolitan area. 

Murder rates in the United States continue to plunge to historic lows -- even the blood-soaked streets of Chicago recorded a 16 percent drop in homicides last year, with the city recording its fewest killings since 1965. 

Yet the city with the highest incidence of black murder victims might raise some eyebrows: the seemingly peaceful, farming state of Nebraska's largest city, Omaha, a city of 420,000, located along the banks of the Missouri River.

The Violence Policy Center (VPC), a Washington, D.C.-based research and advocacy group that promotes gun control, determined that in 2011 (the latest year in which comprehensive national data s available), 30 blacks (including 27 in Omaha) were murdered that year in Nebraska -- meaning, the state had a black homicide rate of 34.4 per 100,000 people, double the national average of black victimization. (On VPC's top ranked states by black homicide victimization rates, Nebraska is closely followed by Missouri, 33.4 per 100,000 people, Michigan, 31.5; Pennsylvania, 29.0; and Oklahoma, 25.5.)

Naturally he does not make available an email address that people may contact him with but please do log onto his FaceBook page and tell him to do his job for his district and let the Nebraska Fish and Wildlife do there job for Nebraska.