Pictures from NFR Vegas 2012

This sign is no way shape or form reflects the attitude of my travel buddy Kelli Loos in Las Vegas 2012.
Mickey Hayes my guest on Loos Tales Monday Dec 10, 2012. Certainly a "stache" much wilder than mine.
While so many go to the rodeo for the bulls my events are saddle bronc and bareback and the first horse out of the chute indicated a great horse bucking night.
138 exhibtors ride in the Grand Entry as a record attendence crowd of more than 17,500 are ready to rock the house.
The National Anthem being sung by Susie McIntire right after a tremendous "cowboy prayer" to kick off the performance.
Truly a well-run, entertaining show NFR Dec 8, 2012.
Quite possibly geared more toward the female palate, the water show in front of Belagio was huge draw on street.