My email Oprah today Friday March 12, 2010

I want to be on your show finally telling the real story about the American food system. I am a sixth generation United States Rancher from Central NE and struggle with the fact that you have constantly presented the "elitist" view of food production.

This is not just the “Pollan, self-promoting, I want to be a millionaire” booking selling tour. The Obama administration has begun a series of meetings around the country to plant the seed that our system of providing low cost, highly nutritious, safe, domestically grown food for people is wrong.

You need to do your viewers a favor and have someone explain why the U.S. food system has become the premier in the world. Honestly as the world population grows to 9 billion by 2050 it is a matter of humanity that this information gets out. Please give me the chance to make that happen on your show.

Trent Loos

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