BBC: Only 1-in-4 believe in man-made global warming

As the second 20-inch snowstorm hits Washington in 6 weeks (December’s snow was the 5th deepest in over 150 years), Americans wave goodbye to the idiotic theory of man-made global warming. The 21st century’s phrenology has collapsed under the weight of its own lies and well, these 20-inch snowstorms.

To anyone foolish enough to trot out the tired it’s-weather-not-climate argument, I recycle my 6-week-old response. Ever notice it is the rich heirs to political thrones — Al Gore Jr., Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Prince Charles — who are attracted to this myth?

Belief in man-made global warming is down to 26% in England, BBC News reported, citing a Populus poll of 1,001 Britons.