Thursday, April 09, 2009

Carrie Underwood asks BEEF spokesman for recreational sex.

I watched the last fifteen minutes of the Academy of Country Music Awards when Carrie Underwood won the entertainer of the year award. With the other nominees being George Straight, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban Internet, social networking would be the only explanation for Underwood to win the honor. There should be a lesson in that for all of us.

For just a bit of background, Matthew McConaughey the Texas-born actor presented Underwood with the big award, but before his official duties he entertained the audience with a story on how he and his brother once took a road trip thru Texas to see Dwight Yoakam perform. While there the brothers tried to "pick up" a few ladies by telling them that they made a livin' exclusively custom-making George Strait's boots.

"We're like, 'Oh yeah. Say, as I a matter of fact, out in the parking lot, in the trunk of our white Corvette, we have the next year's new edition white ostrich quill George Strait signed series that he's gonna wear on tour next year.' And they got pretty excited about that and said, 'Well, can we see? Can we see? Can we see?'" McConaughey told the audience. "And we obliged ... Point of the story is, we got lucky that night. Thank you, George."

Well, upon being presented the award Underwood appeared to be speechless. Then she turned to McConaughey and said, “Matthew, I want to see those boots”.

First, she endorsed the boots made from what she knew was a dead animal product. McConaughey has also been the Beef industry spokesman for the past year. So Underwood claims to desperately be opposed to the consumption of beef and the use of animals to make clothes but she certainly didn’t mind showing her sexual desire to be with the spokesman of the beef industry in front of millions of TV viewers.

Carrie Underwood does not represent the “Country” segment of our population and I believe that in that trying moment, she revealed her true colors. Call you local radio station and tell them Carrie Underwood does not represent country and she conducts fundraising efforts for the Human Society of the United States who wants to abolish animal agriculture and end hunting. Get Underwood off of “Country” radio stations.

Trent Loos is a 6th generation United States rancher from Central Nebraska. He is also host of the national radio program called Loos Tales and founder of the non-profit Faces Of Agriculture. Trent travels the country featuring the neat people and places in Rural America that truly make it what it is. Get more information at or

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