Carrie Underwood may not be America’s Idol afterall…….

Did you know?

-She is the main fundraiser for HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) a group with the mission to ABOLISH ANIMAL AGRICULTURE!

-She was booed off a stage in Nebraska for her militant attempts to CONVERT HER AUDIENCE TO VEGETARIANISM!

-Ironically, Carrie, America’s Sexiest Vegetarian of the Year, appears on Got Milk? and pepperoni pizza roll ads.

-Carrie appeared on PBS Kids and spoke about her vegetarianism on air to influence children!

-Hypocritically, Carrie claims to be a country girl from Oklahoma. It is ok that she is a vegetarian, it is NOT ok that she preaches it to the world and influences our generation!

FFA members,

IF YOU CARE ABOUT AGRICULTURE, your livelihood and passion, make your statement and WALK OUT of the Mega Concert after Jason Aldean and Keith Anderson to show Carrie her actions are unacceptable to this agricultural organization!