Tuesday, January 06, 2004

As a producer of the safest, cheapest, most wholesome beef in the world, I would like to share a
few thoughts with you. The chances of contracting variant CJD are about one in 40 million.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates your chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases
in one in four. The CDC reports that a total of 153 people have ever died from CJD in the whole world. The CDC reports that 150 people die every year inthe U.S. alone from deer/car accidents. Your chances of dying in a automobile crash are one in 242.
BSE can only be contracted by cattle 30 months of age and older. Most beef consumed is from animals
under 30 months of age. There has never been any scientific proof that humans can contract CJD from eating BSE positive beef. The prion or agent is exactly the same in both diseases so many assumptions have been made.

Don't tell me it's just a farmer/rancher issue. The beef industry represents $188.4 billion to the U.S.
economy, directly and indirectly. There is only one thing I take more seriously than putting food on my table. It's putting food on your table.

U.S. agriculture takes many things for granted. We take for granted that the consumers know fact from
fiction. If you want facts...talk to a producer. If you want fiction...you'll get it!

Craig Henkel Bayard

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