Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The eye of the storm

Right now the center of attacks on animal agriculture seems to be in Dodge County, MN. If you will remember two weeks ago, Dave Erickson, their county commissioner, received a death threat of “Resign or Die”. In that county Bill Rowekamp organized and presented the best public information meeting I have ever attended last night. He discussed how he was planning to build his dairy farm. The meeting was well organized and the public had ample opportunity to share their concerns and ask questions – all of which were answered.

Nonetheless, the protesters were there in force. Pictured here you can see activist Rev. Barbara Finley-Shae. She professes to be a Lutheran minister, although she attended the meeting try to convince everyone that she was an expert in the field of lies about animal agriculture. She spent the entire evening holding that sign. The back of the sign says says, these farms increase violent crime in the area. I think this minister is promoting racism? Her implication is that these farms increase the number of Hispanic people in the area thus increasing crime. I wonder who would attend her church?

She must be a bit nervous though this morning because I have already received an e-mail from her threatening me with a visit from her attorney if I write or report anything she said. And she was the one spouting off about the loss of democracy!

Seems as though too many have forgotten

It is a tough time to support livestock agriculture yet one elected official, who has everything to lose and only the interest of his voters to gain has showed his support for our industry. Rep. Tom Osborne initiated a task force to find ways to build animal agriculture in Nebraska rather than letting it erode. The results, just over one year later, are full steam ahead. Click here to read whole story in High Plains Journal written by Troy Smith but here is an excerpt.

Livestock producers should be proud. And Nebraska Governor Mike Johanns believes all Nebraskans should take pride in their state's livestock production role. During his visit to Husker Harvest Days, in Grand Island, Johanns announced the launch of a statewide public awareness campaign to help all Nebraskans understand how production of beef, pork, milk and poultry affects their daily lives. The campaign theme is "Nebraska Livestock: We're All Shareholders."

"The theme underscores the impact that livestock production has on virtually everyone in the state," stated Johanns. "We all need to understand that as agriculture goes, so goes Main Street."

Hey they have "Nebraska Livestock: We're All Shareholders" website check it out by clicking here.

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