Limits on Big Macs

I can see it now. You walk up the counter at McDonalds to order a Big Mac and the high school kid working there has to tell you, “Sorry, we have sold our limit today. Please come back tomorrow”. In the same vein, Illinois has a law limiting the number of non-resident hunters. Below is an excerpt from the Quincy Herald Whig last Sunday. We are killing 500,000 deer a year on the nations highways with automobiles, obviously we do not have a shortage of deer. But the real issue is the use of private property. What is the point of buying land if you must use it as the government sees fit. We used to call that socialism. The entire article written by Deborah Gertz Husar is not available on-line, but I do have it if you would like to read it. Send me an e-mail and I will send it to you.

PITTSFIELD, Ill. - West Virginia deer hunters planning to spend time in Adams County during bow season won't be making the trip this year. They couldn't get the required non-resident deer hunting permit. "They'd been here two years in a row and were really looking forward to hunting again," said Ben Kessler, a Loraine outfitter and private landowner working with the hunters. "They'll have to hunt somewhere else or not hunt
in the Midwest."

Illinois caps nonresident permits at 12,843. Permits went on sale at 8 a.m. July 12 and sold out by the morning of July 17. "Last year it took about four weeks. I wonder what will happen next year. Will they be sold out in 24 hours?" Pike County Board member Harry Wright said. "In the meantime, we have a large deer herd in Illinois and a cap
creating hardships for private landowners. I think we need to get in touch with legislators, talk about the possibility of raising the cap and think about properly managing the deer herd."

Protein - the Health Food...

Why is our society still en-“grained” with the notion that meat is not a healthy part of our diet? How many times do you hear someone who works in a restaurant refer to a meatless diet as healthful? Protein is the “new” health food. Dr. Robert Atkins knew that in the 60’s and major medical communities are finally accepting it only 40 years later. I have just found the American Council on Science and Health. The nucleus of ACSH is a board of 350 physicians, scientists and policy advisors - experts in a wide variety of fields-who review the Council's reports and participate in ACSH seminars, press conferences, media communications and other educational activities. The list includes Nobel prize winner Norman Borlaug.

This site is an excellent source of information, and not from the “biased” beef industry. This is from their site.

Despite the positive news about beef, nutrition, and health, many Americans are misinformed and think that including beef in their diets will have negative health consequences. But, as the ACSH report explains, many of the supposed health risks associated with consuming beef lack strong scientific support or have been exaggerated.

For example, concerns have been raised about the fact that beef contains saturated fat—ostensibly the kind that raises blood cholesterol levels. But in fact, 2/3 of the fats in beef are of the type that do not raise cholesterol levels. Scientific studies have shown that a diet that includes moderate portions of lean beef is similar to one containing poultry or fish in its effects on blood cholesterol levels.
In the news

California Wool Growers Association have posted my article "What weighs heaviest on your mind" on their website. Thank you.