Animal Rights 2003

I just returned home from the Animal Rights 2003 Conference in DC. What an eye-opening event this was, even for me. It would best be described as an “Activist Training Camp.” Training levels range from teaching college girls (in search of a “cause”) how to stand on street corners distributing literature to convicted felons teaching an eager audience how to burn, bomb and destroy private property and deal with law enforcement if they are caught. Some very alarming things are happening within this movement, especially the invasion of the freedoms and privacy of those outside the movement. Groups you have never even heard of, such as SHARK, are there discussing strategies. SHARK is an Illinois based group with many campaigns, but this is straight from their website


SHARK's number one tool is video footage, and no one does video quite like SHARK. Using hidden video, long range video, and even video cameras that see in the dark, SHARK leaves no place for animal abusers to hide. SHARK's award-winning video footage is supplied to local, national and international media, lawmakers, courts and other animal advocacy organizations.

Birds of Prey

SHARK has also taken to the air to help animals, using Ultralite aircraft to divert animals from hunters' bows and guns, for surveillance, and to protest animal cruelty. Dubbed the "Birds of Prey," SHARK's Animal Rights Air Force sends animal abusers scurrying for cover. These machines allow us to go where there are no roads, and beyond fences and walls.

See the Ultralite in action!

In these videos, SHARK president Steve Hindi drops down to say "Hi" to hunters at the Woodstock Hunting Club, and in the process he keeps geese and ducks from being shot. The club subsequently closed.

According to this movement, factory farms confine animals and they don’t like that. However,free range hunting isn’t good either because we kill animals. Many of their platforms include preaching about humane handling of either farm animals or wildlife, but it is really a path to humanizing food animals. This hunting issue is especially fascinating that humans in this day and age think they are more in touch with “nature” and yet hunting is not considered “natural”. I need to inform the neighborhood coyotes that they should start treating my calves more humanely. They simply have no compassion for other animals!

Make no mistake about it – the people in these movements know that they will not convert everyone to a vegan lifestyle but they plan to harass and legislate their values upon us.

Where are the headlines

Obesity lawsuits are surfacing everywhere and people want to blame everyone but the person responsible for what they see in the mirror. Reuters had a story Friday with the true facts. Here is excerpt

Doctors should regularly prescribe exercise as a way to lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease and diabetes, the American Heart Association said on Monday.

The National Center for Health Statistics reported in May that a quarter of all Americans get virtually no exercise. Only 19 percent engage in a "high" level of physical activity.

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the United States and other industrialized countries, killing more than 700,000 Americans a year.