Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Social engineering

I just had very good meeting with Brenda Forman in Pierre, SD and she summed up the “environment” we live in today – “social engineering.” When did neighbors start assessing what I should or shouldn’t have. The following is excerpt from a Rueters news story and the first paragraph sums it up “huge factory farm”. And then they go on to define what a “huge factory farm” is - check it out. HEY, I have news for all you spin-doctors: size is not a factor in pollution. The other night in a Chicago restaurant, I visited with a gentlemen from Michigan and asked him about his occupation. He told me “I work for a large software company”. Think about how many people you interact with in daily life that try to tell you how BIG something is that they are involved in. Yet the social Nazis want to tell me how many animals I can’t have. Furthermore I am convinced huge is you having one more of something than me, and they don't have any animals. Read whole story.

Federal regulators should reject any proposals that would exempt huge "factory farms" feeding thousands of animals at a time from air pollution rules, six environmental groups said.

The environmental groups said CAFOs, which can hold 1,000 head of cattle, 2,500 hogs or 30,000 chickens, "present a widespread, severe air quality problem, both to neighboring residents and impacted airsheds."

Signing the letter were Association of Irritated Residents, Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment, Environmental Defense, Environmental Integrity Project, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Sierra Club.

Raw Food

One of the most eye-opening things I have witnessed in the past year is the movement toward the consumption of raw food. Last year at the Health and Harmony Festival in California, I saw people eating things raw that I would not feed to my dog. I totally support and encourage people to adapt the lifestyle they choose. Vegan, vegetarian, raw food or constant beer and chips, I don’t care because this is America. What I have so much trouble with is that it seems like the marketing of one particular lifestyle is negative to everyone else’s right to choose. The following is an example from the promotion of the RawStock Festival coming up in California in July.

a clear understanding of why raw food diet is the most ecologically beneficial diet, with the power to reverse our earth's declining state of health

passionate vibes from health-loving people who love life

"Rawstock will be the ultimate raw food event. It will pack more successful experience onstage than any raw food event, ever. The best food, the best speakers, best bands, simply, the best. Anybody who wants absolute raw success, and to participate in a major slice of history, Rawstock is a 'must' event." Dr. Doug Graham - President of Healthful Living International

See another interesting website linked to this one

We have more trees than we have ever had. We have cleaner water. Human management has made these things better. Yet the message is that we are just days away from destruction - all in the name of marketing a lifestyle. This raw food movement is very intriguing to me. I remember people telling me last year that they wanted all of their food to be consumed within 15 minutes of harvest. Now unless they live in a garden, how practical is that?

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