Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

I cannot believe that I continue to see the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine as a “credible” reference for food issues. The only difference between PCRM and PETA is that PCRM is much more clever in naming their organization. In my opinion, the more radical PETA may be, the may “mainstream” groups like PCRM seem to be. The purveyor of “truth” regarding the agendas of these vegans is the Center for Consumer Freedom. Get the entire profile of these guys and other bad guys at www.activistcash.com. . This is a summary of what you will find:

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Who would guess that a fanatical animal rights group could pass itself off as a physicians’ organization concerned with health issues? Judging by its stated positions, PCRM’s goals are to abolish the use of animals as food (including milk, eggs, and other animal products) and to eliminate the use of animals in scientific experiments. The group furthers its mission by continuously misinforming the American public about animal research and providing potentially dangerous dietary recommendations. The American Medical Association has rightly labeled PCRM “an animal rights front organization.”
While PCRM claims to be primarily a network of doctors, the group’s own literature shows that physicians make up only 5% of its membership. Furthermore, the group’s member physicians represent less than 0.5% of America’s doctors. Far from being an unbiased source of health guidance, PCRM has asserted itself as a home for anti-meat, pro-vegan nutritionists who are committed to removing beef, dairy, poultry, and other animal products from our diets for good.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. would make a great Canadian citizen

Some of you, well most of you I am sure, think that I am too hung up on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The truth is that he just can’t keep his mouth shut. My experience is that when his mouth moves, the truth is a foreign language. The following appeared in a Canadian Newspaper this week. I have pulled one of the Question and Answers from the interview.

Has the conflict in the Middle East taken attention away from
environmental issues at home?

Kennedy’s reply….

It has made it easier for large corporations to operate without public
scrutiny and enabled them to make deals that are scandalous. The
fossil-fuel industry, and other commodity industries, are given much
freer rein to operate. I'll give you an example. Smithfield Foods, the
largest pork producer in the world, invented a way of raising pigs in
large factory farms, which creates huge amounts of pollution,
impoverishes farmers, and distorts markets. By educating the public,
politicians and press in other countries, like Poland, we've been able
to stop Smithfield from expanding into those countries. But as a result
of President Bush's efforts to bring Poland into the coalition against
Iraq, there was a $12.5-billion loan guarantee. Attached to that

Excuse me but the war is now a whole six days old and he is trying to convince someone this has already happened. Furthermore, a paper printed it. Oh, I forgot - he wouldn’t lie, he is a Kennedy.

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